Hatfield Peverel Infant School

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at Hatfield Peverel Infant School

At Hatfield Peverel Infant School we aim for all children to have a love of reading, fostered through access to good quality texts and opportunities offered by the partnership of home and school.


We aim for children to:

· Read with enjoyment and enthusiasm

· See themselves as ‘readers’ from their earliest experience of books

· Acquire the skills for reading to enable them to read with confidence, fluency, relevance and understanding

· Be interested in a wide range of texts, both fiction and non-fiction.

· Evaluate and justify preferences in their reading

· Have knowledge of different authors

· Access information texts for all subjects

The ‘reading practice’ book


We use Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised to plan and provide daily engaging phonics lessons. Little Wandle is linked to Collins Big Cat books therefore the children primarily follow this scheme throughout. Once a week, a reading practice book will be allocated via Collins Big Cat subscription. This book will be closely matched to your child’s reading level and Little Wandle assessments.

The ‘sharing’ book

Children will also bring home a coloured sticker levelled book. These books are closely matched to the phonics phase that they are working within, but they will not necessarily be fully decodable as their allocated reading practice book is. It is intended you read this book ‘with’ your child.

The ‘star’ books

‘Star’ books are non-levelled and offer a wealth of opportunities for developing vocabulary, enjoying the story, and using imagination. The star book is for an adult to read ‘to’ a child.


For more reading information please refer to the Reading Booklet below.

Buzz Words

Children are encouraged to build up a good sight vocabulary through the Buzz Word system. These form the 100+ most commonly used words in reading and writing. Children will start to learn how to read and spell these words off by heart. Reception children will begin to learn Mini Buzz A, then Mini Buzz B, C and then D. Buzz Word One is all of the mini sheets together, and then there are 7 more different sets of Buzz Words to work on as your child progresses through the school.

Each time your child has learnt to read and spell a set of words they will get a certificate. The children are assessed regularly throughout the terms.

Buzz Words

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